I often encounter well meaning, politically correct people, who pride themselves on their liberal views. Almost all of them are college graduates and a surprising number have advanced degrees. Often their comments reflect a subtle disdain for the unwashed proletariat, particularly when the views of the plebes differ from their own. Although many have never watched the Fox News channel they abhor it. Undoubtedly anyone who watches it must be stupid. Tolerance is regarded as one of their virtues. However, tolerance toward opposing (usually conservative) views seems absent, especially in the political sphere. High in their scale of importance is not to be offensive. If minorities or females are the butt of jokes the humor is strictly verboten. The only socially sanctioned targets of lewd or denigrating humor are white males. A corollary to being non-offensive is the use of euphemisms such as “the N-word” or the “F-word”.

Many worship at the holy grail of diversity. Minorities must be represented proportional to their number in the population whether they are qualified or not. Affirmative action and special preferences are promoted to achieve the goal of equality. Meritocracy becomes less important than what is perceived to be fair. University admissions and minority preferences in hiring often discriminate against Asians and Caucasians. The lack of fairness that results from this type of social engineering does not seem to bother its proponents. These views are perpetuated by social science professors who often see the world through a prism of race, class, gender and victimhood.

Rather than extol the contributions of the past they often dismiss them as the product of dead white males. Often white males are seen as the oppressors and exploiters of females and minorities. Yet, it is difficult to deny that the great majority of great thinkers, philosophers, scientists and contributors to civilization happened to be male and Caucasian. I would make no apology for that reality.

I will admit that some of the above comments are caricatures of the militant liberal. Yet, I have encountered persons who behave and believe as described above. They exist! Often they feel very self righteous about their enlightened state and superior to the stupid masses. I must also admit that many militant conservatives are equally guilty of limited vision and intolerance. People who live at the extremes of the spectrum are particularly dangerous when they try to force their views upon others through legislation or by other means.

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