Father dear Father. Words hardly begin to express the love, gratitude, admiration, and respect I have for you; I feel for you.

On this father’s day, What more could a son ask for than a father such as you? I know you’ve touched many, touched them deeply, all in their own special way. And I, your first born, am no different.

It’s said that the whole is greater than the sum its parts and such it is, with you, for me. Though the richness of my memories far transcend what I write here, let me share but two short stories of your wisdom, and your actions, actions that profoundly moved me.

First, I’ll never forget when your father, grandpa, died. I loved him dearly and his passing was a deep loss for me. On that day of his funeral, I told you I did not want to go: you honored my wishes. I remember being alone in the house, reflecting on grandpa, all that he meant to me, and my sense of loss. In those moments I was complete with him and to this day hold fond his memories in my heart, unmarred by the shocking face of death that would have accompanied seeing him in a casket. Thank you dear father for granting this little boy at the age of ten, such a huge gift.

Second, I’ll never forget that afternoon at the age of 15 and a half when you asked me if I’d like to go out driving. My heart leaped with joy, for what 15 and a half year old boy with his learners permit wouldn’t jump at the opportunity of driving, no matter who offered it?

What transpired, transcended a mere opportunity to drive, a driving lesson. You see, that drive turned in to an adventure for when I asked, where to, you said where ever you want.

For four to five hours we drove, and talked: up through and over the San Bernardino mountains, over the backside, and down into the high deserts through Victorville. A son’s delight, the quintessential example of quality time, a validation of a young man, validation that every young man wishes of his father.

Yes GREAT ONE, should there be something beyond this, no greater joy would I have than to burst forth to the other side, shoulder to shoulder with you, like the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, and conquer that great unknown abyss that we call eternity.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my father, a man who stands tall among men: I carry your heart in mine….


Buddy, Your First Born…

P.S. And a little ditty for your enjoyment and pleasure:

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  1. Bob Levis says:

    This is beautiful! I myself did not attend my grandmother’s funeral. Also,I did not view her corpse; but I was fortunate to be able to sit with my aunt, Antie Auto (She had a Ford with a rumble seat!, in her home during the funeral. She was the youngest daughter of my grandmother after whom she was named; So I, also, called her Aunt Hester, since Grandmother’s maiden name was Hester Cannon, the sister of the famous astronomer, Annie Jump Cannon, who, like Vern, was a remarkable person. (I recommend you check Google!).

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