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On Saturday, May 5, 2013, I had the pleasure of interviewing “The Octogenarian” along with his long time friend, Dr. Jim Skalicky. We hope you enjoy this interview.

By the end of this decade, all but a few of the “Greatest Generation” will be gone. This is the generation who survived The Great Depression, WWII, and rebuilt America. Join me as I interview one of those few remaining survivors of that generation, Vernon Bohr, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Bohr’s eclectic life includes the summer of ’44 spent among the bloody hedgerows of Normandy, and participation in every major campaign in Northern Europe. He has emerged from a plane crash unscathed, survived a horrendous automobile accident, and eluded a charging wounded water buffalo. His professional accomplishments include professor, scientist, practitioner, administrator, business man and founder of a psychiatric hospital. He’s been listed in Who’s Who among American Men of Science and Who’s Who in the West. He’s been the medical director of three different psychiatric hospitals and president of the medical staff of a large community hospital.

My co-host in this interview will be Dr. Jim Scalicky, a practicing Clinical Psychologist who teaches at Citrus College in Glendale CA and is a long time personal friend of Dr. Bohr.

(Dr. Scalicky’s full bio, impressive list of credentials, and publications can be found on his website, Dr. Jim Skalicky )

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