The western world was fashioned by the confluence of two great streams of thinking. Our laws and governmental structures have their roots in the Lex Romana. The moral and religious beliefs we hold arose from Jewish writings and commandments. Unfortunately most young people of today have almost no familiarity with either of these well springs of our culture. As a youngster I had little exposure to Greco-Roman myths and history. Fortunately I was excessively immersed in Judeo-Christian history and ideas.

During my adolescence my parents overdosed me on biblical religion. In some ways I remain grateful to them for forcing me to be knowlegeble about biblical myths and legends. In the process I had to memorize many passages of scripture which I can quote to present day. As I weaned myself from fundamentalism I read extensively in the fields of religion and philosophy. Although moderately well versed in these fields I would never claim to be a theologian or a philosopher. However I am sufficiently well informed that I can make intelligent noises if a discussion arises. I greatly enjoy playing the role of a gadfly, the devil’s advocate. The bible was written by multiple authors over a period of time. Hence it is rife with contradictions. When someone expounds a dogmatic view I can often quote a biblical verse or source expressing an opposing view. It amuses me to rattle the complacency of true believers even though such efforts tend to be futile. True believers often operate under the premise that a closed mind is a terrible thing to waste. To explain my contrarian behavior I will simply say that everyone needs a hobby.


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  1. Heather Unterseher says:

    I love this post! Yes, everyone needs a hobby. 🙂

  2. I like your gadfly comments, my octogenarian friend. I wish I had the well-spring back ground to equip me to anticipate them. They are always fun. I like them also for the surprises they toss into the fray – whatever the fray! Thank you for them!


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